A true work of art!

Image of Cameron the Chameleon

Full name: Cameron Leone
Species: Veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 3' 5" (1.04 m)
Occupation: Artist
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Fancy hors d'oeuvres
Likes: art, sunlight, formal gatherings
Dislikes: bugs, darkness, critics

Character Traits: Cameron loves her job. She is a prolific painter and sculptor and enjoys doing new pieces for her employers and friends. She's very proud of the work she does too and displays some of her own works of art in her private studio. Cameron doesn't like to have her art critiqued, however. Being a young artist, this is a part of her job she still has yet to overcome if she's going to make it big in the industry. She has a lazy side to her personality as well. It shows a bit in her physique as she does not exercise very much and is chubbier than most other lizard Anthros. Nevertheless, she is a good and loyal friend to those around her. She expects people to treat her much the way she treats others, kind and generous but not to a fault.

Abilities: As a chameleon, Cameron can change the color of her skin. This effect is often not radically different from her normal color (she won't change bright pink, example) and is sometimes done unintentionally. She also has a narrow tongue that can lash out quickly and stick to small objects or large surfaces.

Skills: Cameron is good with the tools of her trade. She has mastery over the paintbrush and chisel. She even has some knowledge of paints infused with magic and can utilize them in various situations. Her skills at talking with people, especially during formal occasions, are very good as well.

Cameron with Paint

Background: Cameron has led a fairly easy life. She was born to a relatively normal family and has a younger brother. She was always pretty average at her schoolwork, instead preferring to socialize with others. The one place she did excel and find most of her passion in was with art class. She was skilled with tools of her trade even at an early age. Still, her younger brother was the one who always took home all the accolades as a scholar. She was and continues to be a little jealous of him for his intellect.

When she graduated from high school, Cameron went to art school to perfect and hone her skills. She flourished in art school, yet her parents never truly acknowledged her impressive artistic capabilities. She remained in the shadow of her younger brother. However, it no longer bothered her as much. Her instructors and peers gave her all the recognition she needed and deserved. She graduated from art school with flying colors (no pun intended) and set off to her first job as an artist for a small company. After a few years under the guise of another artist, she decided to open up her own studio and do freelance work.

Cameron's work got the attention of some worthwhile investors, and she began to cement her spot in the industry. She was invited to some rather fancy art events, and it didn't take her long to appreciate the culture and adopt the mannerisms that her sometimes wealthy clients expect of her. She's by no means the top artist in the world, but even at such a young age she can hold her own.

During one such art event, she met Malichi, who has a taste for formal gatherings himself. Cameron saw her little brother in the mouse machinist, and the two became good friends. Eventually, she would go on to meet the rest of his friends and become a part of Chase's social circle. Being the social person she is, Cameron had no trouble becoming good friends with them all, particularly with Ruby and Katrina, who all like to hang out together once in a while.