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Image of Champ the Husky

Full name: None
Species: Dog - Husky mix (Canis familiaris)
Gender: Male
Age: Ageless (appears early 20s)
Height: 3' 10" (1.17 m)
Occupation: Champion of Tempatrius
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Steak
Likes: Weightlifting, time magic, his job
Dislikes: Distractions, uncooperative people, vegetables

Character Traits: Champ has a very rough, no-nonsense personality. He doesn't let anyone get too close emotionally to him aside from his "father", Tempatrius. In fact, Champ will go to great lengths to distance himself from people, oftentimes claiming he is "just a mutt" whom no one could ever love. His whole life is his job. He trains for it whenever he doesn't have work to do, particularly in keeping his body in top condition. Regardless of doing nothing outside of his occupation, he feels thankful to have everything he does based on his situation before he was found by the god of time.

Abilities: Champ has knowledge in both the elemental and divine schools of time magic. He can cast these spells nearly instantaneously as well. His spells include but are not limited to:

  • Blink: Champ can jump forward in time to a new location a short distance away. Like any other Blink spell, the amount of mana spent is dependent on how long it would take him to reach the new destination.
  • Temporal Recall: Champ can return an object to an earlier point in time. If something breaks, he can make it like new again. If he throws a dagger at an opponent, he can return it back to when it was in his hand.
  • Slice of Time: Champ cuts the very fabric of time itself with his daggers to launch a powerful arching projectile at an enemy.
  • Age Manipulation: Champ can change the age of a target object or individual, returning them to an earlier age all the way back to birth or creation or progressing them in age to beyond death or destruction (even to the point of fossilization). Champ is one of the few mortals who can cast this divine time spell, and it costs a significant amount of mana to do. It can be resisted, as well, by targets with the appropriate abilities.

Skills: Champ is skilled in combat with his prized legendary daggers, Prometheus and Epimetheus. He is also proficient in hand-to-hand combat. Wally is a highly skilled machinist and has a thorough understanding of robotics and nanites. He has deep knowledge of various machines and can control or operate them as needed. He utilizes many different devices to program and manipulate some of his machines to do his work for him.

Champ Casting Time Magic

Background: Champ was completely abandoned by his parents at birth, not by choice but by circumstance. As a newborn pup, his parents were killed in a monster attack. The whole village was ravaged by monsters. The only survivor was the young pup who had lost an eye, an arm, and a leg in the bloodshed. Near death before his life even began he was saved at the exact moment in time by the god of time, Tempatrius. The sand dragon god saw that the pup had an extremely unique place in the universe: His existence had no bearing on the Time Stream, the flow of all timelines that determines the events that happen throught the universe.

Champ was taken in his dire state and mended up by the god of time's own personal servants. The newborn pup would make a full recovery from his near death experience save for a large claw mark scar over his right eye. From that point he was progressed in age to his current form. He was outfitted with technology suitable for a time-lost individual such as himself; Champ was given a robotic arm from the Modern Age, a prosthetic leg from the Enlightened Age, and a cybernetic eye from the Space Age.

Once he was outfitted with the technology to make him whole again, Champ took his time being educated and trained in the art of spellcasting and combat. He was given the best leather armor available and equipped with the legendary daggers, Prometheus and Epimetheus, that are said to have the ability to cut into the very fabric of time itself. After working as an apprentice under one of the Agents of Temptrius, the mortals who act out the god's will in Casarok, he was soon promoted to be the one and only Champion of Tempatrius due to his unique status.

Champ now moves in and out of time to do special missions for Tempatrius in order to keep the Time Stream in check. He has visited many different places at many different times through his employment as the champion of a god. ALl in all, Champ remains thankful for everything he has. The scar on his face reminds him everyday of what his fate could have been had he not been adopted by his "father".