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Image of Chase the Fox

Full name: Chase Reynard
Species: Red Fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Gender: Male
Age: late 20s
Height: 4' 0" (1.22 m)
Occupation: Jack of All Trades
Favorite Color: Orange
Favorite Food: Ice cream
Likes: games, chilling out, transformation
Dislikes: surprises, overworking, people disrespecting others

Character Traits: Chase is generally a cheerful individual. A smile lighting up his bright orange muzzle or a curious twitch of his triangular ears can be a soothing sight to others. He will joke around and be playful with his friends, though sometimes he takes his games a bit too far. He is also very easygoing, appearing to be loose and lax most of the time; Chase rarely seems to have a problem chilling out at any given moment. His relaxed nature tends be his biggest downfall, however. He never expects anything to go wrong and is often prone to being surprised. He also becomes lazy at times, occasionally at the wrong moments. Nevertheless, he has a sense of loyalty to others. He will go so far as to put himself in harm's way to protect someone who is being bullied. Chase also hates to offend people and often finds himself in awkward situations because of it.

Abilities: Chase has the ability to shapeshift at will into practically any form he can imagine. He can also change the forms of other people by flowing his magic energy into someone via physical contact or forcing the energy through a wave of magic, for example in the form of the "Magic Zap" or "Ha-dook-en". His magic has some limits as he is unable to change specific aspects of one's body like his height or weight unless it's characteristic of the new form.
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Skills: Through his shapeshifting abilities, he has gained unique knowledge of different lifeforms.

Chase doing his Magic Zap

Background: Not much is known about the circumstances of his birth. Chase was found as an orphan by his vulpine foster parents, Paul and Vivien Reynard. When the fox couple found him, he was wearing a mysterious chrysolite pendant softly wrapped with care among his fur. His birth parents have not been found to this day, and he has no known blood relatives at this time.

Chase was raised as the lone child of the Reynard family. At an early age, he and his parents discovered the powers held within the pendant with which he was found. The magic within the strange talisman allowed him to utilize transformation magic. He could not only shapeshift at will, but he could also focus his energy to change the form of another. It took him a great deal of time and effort to control this magic power.

Various mishaps happened along the way that landed him in trouble as a child. Many of them involved his strange chimera form, which he would sometimes shift into outside of his control. This chimera form is an amalgamation of various creatures including a rabbit, a dragon, and a deer. He would be laughed at for this form, and many would call him a monster due to the different nature of this form. He also encountered some problems with his transformation powers, accidentally turning other people into different creatures or something else entirely. Some of these transformation issues caused his family to become a source of outrage in their community while other instances forced them out of town violently.

When Chase turned 18, he left his parents' home for fear of causing them further problems and went off to a magic academy. Though not officially a student, the mages there observed his strange abilities, help him gain greater control over his power, and allowed him to control his amalgamate form. Chase ended up using his shapeshifting abilities to help earn his stay at the academy. Upon leaving the academy he continued to use his unique magical powers to do odd jobs as a way of making a living. He met several of his friends this way and still often takes on tasks as Malichi's bodyguard, Katrina's "assistant", and Ruby's expedition partner.

Only recently, Chase came across an old artifact belonging to Ruby that was said to reveal one's true identity. Upon glancing into the mirror he learned that the chimera form he had been changed into often in his youth was his true form. No one seems to know the origin of Chase's strange chimera form and his bloodline seems to be lost in history; but is there some deeper meaning behind his appearance and powers...?