It's a great day for some flying!

Image of Jay the Eagle

Full name: Jay Buchholz
Other names: "Buck"
Species: Bald eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Height: 4' 1" (1.24 m)
Occupation: Pilot
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Fish
Likes: airplanes, sports, working out
Dislikes: fixing things, losing, laziness

Character Traits: Jay's calling in life is to take to the skies. He is fascinated by flying and became a pilot, owning his own biplane for joy rides. He's a pleasant person to be around with a his upbeat personality, despite the fact that he mostly prefers to be solitary and doesn't have many friends. Jay has a competitive streak to him, however. He hates to lose and, on the rare occasion, will resort to cheating to get his way. His competitiveness is at its peak when he is in an air race or following one of his favorite sports teams. Jay is a serious sports fanatic and follows a lot of major sports in his country. It's part of what makes him a true patriot; he loves his country and would do anything for it.

Abilities: Jay has superior eyesight. He can spot the smallest details from a great distance. He's also higher than average upper body strength.

Skills: Jay is a better than average pilot. He can do some tricky maneuvers no matter what type of plane he is flying.

Jay with Goggles

Background: Jay was born to his parents in a small town and grew up as an only child. At a young age, he became fascinated with flying. Science and history were his favorite subjects in school, mostly because they had the most to do with aviation. He also took an interest in sports while in school. He played several different games during his academic career and excelled at them.

During his young life, he met Chase. While Jay wasn't much for making friends, the two were both fairly isolated in their young lives for various reasons and that brought them together. Jay learned about Chase's transformation abilities and immediately began to imagine the possibilities of them. It dawned on him right away that the fox could turn into creatures of flight and ultimately grew very attached to him. The two would sneak off and go on flights together with Chase carrying Jay on his back in various forms. Jay loved every moment of their flights together. However, Chase and his parents moved away after only a year or so after they met. The two became separated and never heard from each other after that.

Jay became somewhat of a loner after Chase's departure. He met a lot of people through sports as he grew up, and they helped him break out of his shell a little. His prowess in some of the games he played earned him scholarships to various colleges. However, the call of the skies were ultimately too great for him. He enrolled in flight school right after his education was complete. Needless to say, Jay passed with flying colors. He would go on to train further and become a commercial pilot in his everyday life.

As fate would have it, Jay was chartered one day to fly Ruby and her colleagues to a remote location for an archaeological expedition. Among the crew was none other than Chase, acting as Ruby's partner. The two instantly recognized each other, and smiles brightened their faces as their old friendship became rekindled. Jay and Chase would go on to remain good friends once again