Get out of my lab!

Image of Malichi the Mouse

Full name: Malichi Mechanarus
Species: Mouse (Mus musculus)
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Height: 3.5" (0.09 m)
Occupation: Machinist, specializing in robotics
Favorite Color: White
Favorite Food: Wine and cheese
Likes: Working in his lab, mechs, formal gatherings
Dislikes: His short stature, disruptions, felines

Character Traits: Malichi is very dedicated to his work. Whenever he begins on a project, he will continue on tirelessly for days on end. He hates being disturbed while tinkering with his machines. In fact, he has a rather short temper most of the time. He becomes angered easily by such annoyances. Malichi may even react with minor force if provoked enough. He has no patience for stupidity either. When relaxed and not busy, he acts like a perfect gentleman. The mouse likes taking in fine arts, theater, and cuisine during his downtime.

Abilities: While his small size makes many tasks and feats difficult for him, Malichi can squeeze into tight spaces with ease.

Skills: Malichi is a master at building various machines, robots, and other powerful technological devices. He can easily identify, dissect, or operate nearly any form of machine. In particular, he has various computers and mechs built that can operate various devices that he himself is too small to use.

Gentleman Malichi

Background: Malichi was born much to his parents' surprise. Having been born with the birth defect known as microtism, he was not even an inch tall. Microtic mice generally have a lifespan of only two years, so everyone was concerned for his well-being. His parents allowed a scientist to test some experimental nanites on him. These nanites would move through his body and act in such a way that would lower his metabolism and heart rate to a more manageable level. Despite the inherent risks of such an experiment, it was very successful.

Since then, Malichi grew up under the close care of his parents. They cared for him in his small, fragile state. They homeschooled him as well; being from a bloodline of extremely intelligent people, they gave him an education that was better than anything he could receive at a public school.

His education was furthered when he was accepted by a prestigious machinery university. Not only did he enroll as a student, but he also worked as a test subject for those who worked on nanites similar to the one in his body. They intended to improve them or find a way to use them to reverse his microtism. Soon enough, another microtic Anthro joined the school in the same capacity. He and Malichi became partners and decided to work on a cure together. They worked tirelessly on a method to increase their height. When it came time for the first test, both students volunteered to try it first. They fought over who should use the newly created nanites until their adviser made the decision to let Malichi use them. When he tested them, however, his metabolism and heart rate couldn't keep up with his enlarged form. He became gravely ill to the point that the experiment was called off. The two students blamed each other for the mishap and have been rivals ever since.

Upon graduation from college, Malichi opened his own workshop to create and sell his machines. The money he made off his inventions went into his continued research toward a cure for his microtism. The incapability of the body management nanites and any form of growth whether through machine or magic continues to confound him, despite becoming a world renowned scientist in his field.

Malichi eventually befriended Chase. Dejected about a recent failure with his microtism cure, Chase happened to come by him and cheered him up. Chase knows how to make Malichi feel big, and that made him a valued friend to the tiny mouse. In return Malichi gave the fox a job as his bodyguard upon learning about his shapeshifting abilities. No matter how Chase might annoy or anger him, he would continue to help him and keep him around. Of course, the same can't be said of Chase's friends. Ruby often sneaks into his lab to have some artifact of hers tested, usually with destructive results. On the other hand, Katrina likes to invoke his fear of felines and chase him around as a feral cat.