It's Snow problem at all!

Image of Snow the Polar Skunk

Full name: Snow Flocke
Species: Polar Skunk (Mephitis arctica)
Gender: Male
Age: 22
Height: 3' 10" (1.17 m)
Occupation: Candy Maker
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Berries
Likes: cold weather, peppermint, bad jokes
Dislikes: warm weather, vegetables, dissenting opinions

Character Traits: Snow has a jovial personality. He loves to laugh and joke around with his friends. However, he has a poor sense of humor and tends to tell bad jokes and puns. His humor does help him get through difficult situations though. Snow is very hardy and can tolerate a lot, physically and mentally. This trait is especially helpful being as stubborn as he is. An easy way to get on his bad side is to start an argument over one of his core beliefs.

Abilities: Like all skunks, Snow has the ability to spray. His spray is usually more powerful than other skunks due to the special berries he eats. Snow is in possession of a basic runestone that has some magic capabilities. He can call upon snow and wind as most runestones allow for; however, it's other functionality has yet to be unveiled. Snow is also fairly athletic for his size.

Skills: Snow has deep knowledge of the Snowscape and survival tactics in such harshly cold areas.

Snow doing a handstand

Background: Snow was born in a small polar skunk village in the Snowscape of northern Casarok, the older of two brothers in his family. Shortly after the birth of his younger brother, his father abandoned his family to travel the world. He was never seen in the Snowscape again. While his mother worked, Snow and his brother were mostly raised by other family members in the village. Snow did his best to mentor his younger brother as the acting man of the household. Eventually he took up his mother's craft as well and grew to become a master candy maker. Nevertheless, he always wondered what happened to his father, yet his familly would not let him leave the village in search of him.

Everything changed for Snow the day that Ruby arrived at his village. The archaeologist wanted a guide to take her through an old polar skunk temple in the mountains. No one in the small village would volunteer to help the strange kangaroo except for the teenage Snow. Although everyone bade him not to aid her, Snow saw this as his best opportunity to leave town in search of his lost dad. They set out together along with her crew into the mountains, and he acted well as her guide through the harsh, cold environment. Ruby agreed to bring Snow back to Centralia with her.

Snow stayed with Ruby for a while until he could make a new life for himself. He found a job as a candy maker, rented a small apartment for himself, and moved out of her home shortly after leaving his small town in the Snowscape. Through his friendship with Ruby, he met Malichi and Chase. He often finds himself sharing some of his candy with his fellow sweet-toothed mephit. Snow receives plenty of care packages from his family back in the Snowscape and flies back to visit them every year.

Often, Snow can be found doing searches on the Internet, at the library, and in local archives in search of some sign of his long lost his father. His whereabouts are still unknown to this day, but Snow keeps his hopes up and stubbornly continues his search.