Image of Tiny the Gorilla

Full name: Amarey "Tiny" Vonai
Species: Eastern Gorilla (Gorilla beringei)
Gender: Male
Age: 24
Height: 5' 7" (1.7 m)
Occupation: Bodyguard
Favorite Color: Blue
Favorite Food: Steak
Likes: Working out, blogs and magazines, protein shakes
Dislikes: His nickname, conversation, magic users

Character Traits: Tiny is a mostly the strong, silent type. He rarely speaks and doesn't like to hold long, deep conversations with other people. This trait may be due to his naturally deep voice. It may also have to do with his intelligence level, which is fairly average among anthros. He likes to utilize his unique strength and stature whenever the opportunity arises; nonetheless, he is not headstrong and will not rush into a situation without being sure of what's happening at the given time.

Abilities: Tiny is large and very strong. He's capable of feats of strength that most other Anthros are not capable of.

Skills: Tiny is a trained bodyguard, making him quite skilled at protecting others. Additionally, he has some martial arts and boxing training.

Gym Rat Tiny

Background: Much to his parents' surprise, Tiny was born not so tiny. The gorilla was born with macrotism, a genetic disease that makes an Anthro larger than normal size. It is the opposite of microtism, and affects only species that are naturally large. Tiny has nanites in his body, much like those of microtic Anthros, that monitor his metabolism and vital signs to make sure he does not become ill due to his large size.

Tiny's parents saw his macrotism as a blessing and loved him very much. He ended up being their only child and didn't have many friends growing up. Most of the other children in school made fun of him for his large size. He got in trouble for beating up and bullying other kids when he was younger. He matured quickly though and learned not to jump into situations that seemed like they might require his immense power. He became much less instinctive and gained a calm, cool composure over time. By the time he entered high school, the teasing stopped and he gained a pool of close friends. Additionally, he partook in athletics and started to see him for what he truly was.

Regardless, after high school, Tiny didn't know what to do moving forward. His grades were very mediocre in school, but his athletics earned him scholarships into some colleges. He opted to go to a university to study but ultimately ended up dropping out because it was too difficult for him. Without finding his place in the world, he bounced around bewteen a few low paying jobs in his early adult life. He did mostly odd jobs that requires his pure strength such as construction work and moving. Still, he didn't find much direction in his life. He took up boxing and martial arts to help him find that direction that he desperately needed.

Eventually, Tiny met Wally and applied for a position as his new bodyguard. Impressed with his power, composure, and training so far, Wally decided to hire him. Wally sent the gorilla to training for security, and Tiny flourished. He graduated the training courses with flying colors. Finally, he felt like he had found his calling. Tiny clung tightly to this new job and became a staunch defender and trustworthy guardian of the microtic weasel.

Of course, being Wally's bodyguard does come with its fair share of drawbacks. Wally is quite demanding and his orders sometimes fall under the category of intimidation. The police have had to interfere with Wally and Tiny in the past, but they have never had any charges pressed against them. For now.