Have I got a deal for you, friend!

Image of Vick the Vulture

Full name: Viktor Grasley
Species: Turkey Vulture (Cathartes aura)
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Height: 4' 2" (1.27 m)
Occupation: Salesman
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Poultry
Likes: money, fancy suits, social interaction
Dislikes: spending, stubborn people, his own baldness

Character Traits: Vick, if anything, is extremely persistent. He will almost never give up on making a sale once he makes his initial pitch. In truth he becomes akin to a stereotypical salesperson, turning on the charm and using a different tone of voice when he speaks to a potential customer. It tends to come off as smarmy most of the time. This trait is demonstrated even more so when he uses unethical or borderline illegal practices to make his sales. Because of his success rate, Vick tends to show a little overconfidence and this extends to his everyday life. He is also quite the penny pincher and hates to spend too much of his hard-earned money. Finally, he tries to keep his baldness a secret by hiding his head under a hat or his toupee and will lose his cool and his salesman charm if this secret is mistakenly revealed.

Abilities: Vick can and will eat anything. Although he prefers certain types of meats, he has very corrosive stomach acid that allows him to digest nearly anything regardless of how old it may be.

Skills: Vick is adept at selling anything to anyone. He has training from some of the best in the business (although he ignores the ethics part of his training at times.) He also has some experience operating various types of machinery.

Vick Thinking about Money

Background: Vick was born to a poor family with three other brothers and sisters. He was the oldest, tallest, and strongest of them and was often able to fight his siblings for the scraps of food his parents were able to put together for their children. While growing up, he learned from his father the necessity and value of the dollar; in fact, he was taught that every cent was important and should be kept close. As a young child, he became incredibly stingy with his money, never loosening his grip on his meager savings even into his teenage years.

Vick eventually went to business school, working his way through since his parents could not afford to send him there. His instructors saw him as a remarkable talent and took him under their wing. He learned much under their tutelage and made his way through school with flying colors. However, instead of following their advice and opting to extend his education to achieve an MBA or the like, Vick left business school as soon as he graduated to begin his career in sales. With the values taught to him by his father held in high regard, he decided it was best to enter the sales business and start making money as quickly as possible.

The life of a salesman suited him well. He started off taking individual jobs and flourishing with them. He makes more in commissions than your average salesperson, and his talents caught the eye of many companies. He could have become the greatest of the greats; however, people started turning him down for more high quality positions when they learned of his seedy and often unethical business practices. Regardless, he is still a skilled freelancer and makes a healthy living. His living conditions are intentionally meager nevertheless in his ongoing efforts to save as much money as possible. His success only seemed to make him stingier. He would refuse to lend funds even to his lesser fortunate brothers and sisters. The lessons his father once tried to instill upon him only continue to fuel his massive greed.