QRI Badges

QRI Badges are currently in the alpha testing phase!

If you'd like to sign up for the opportunity to get your own badge and take part in the testing phase, then fill out the form at the link provided here!

Otherwise, read on to learn more about the project and come back here later if you're still interested!

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What is a QRI Badge?

QRI stands for QR Info, Quick Response Info, or Quick Response Code Info. QR codes are used to link to websites easily by scanning a block of squares or dots with a smartphone. Did you see that colorful bouncing square during the Super Bowl? That's a QR code. Well, except mine are less crypto-y. In any case, QRI Badges feature a bright and prominent QR code in the corner that acts as an indicator for others to approach that says "Scan me!" The code will take someone to a website that I have set up where they can read information about you, browse your galleries, link to you on social media, and potentially much more! QRI Badges are currently in the alpha testing phase so please be aware that design and functionality will likely change by the time this round of testing is complete. Features planned for QRI Badges are as follows:

  • A colorful badge with a set of designs to choose from to make your character and personality stand out!
  • A QR code that links to a page on my website with the information you wish to provide!
  • A uniquely generated badge number that is yours and your alone!
  • A method of editing that will allow you to choose which information to display on your page!
  • A second QR code on the back of the badge that can be scanned to alert you when someone finds your QRI Badge if it becomes lost!
  • A nifty little emblem on the back of your badge to signify that you are a Chase the Fox alpha tester! Alpha Tail
  • Turn into an actual fox! (My lawyers have badgered advised me that I cannot offer this functionality...)

What designs are you offering?

I have 4 designs currently with more planned to be added later. When you get a badge, you'll be able to select from the following:

  1. Standard DesignStandard: A single color background with a gradient chosen to make your character stand out! The QR code is colored brightly to match. Your name will be displayed below with a bold typeface.
  2. Nextgen DesignNextgen: For the geeks and visored among us! A dark background with green binary strings. The QR code is bright green to match the bits and bytes. Your name is displayed in monospace font at the bottom in a style reminiscent of a terminal.
  3. Pawsome DesignPawsome: OwO CUTE! <3 A purple background with pink pawprints. The QR code is bright pink to stand out without being too distracting. Your name is displayed in a puffy or pawed font at the bottom.
  4. Poolside DesignPoolside: Speaking of puffy... A soft blue background with circular water ripples. The QR code is a warm color to stand out against the water. Your name is displayed in bold typeface and made to look like a pool depth marker. (No diving sign is optional!)

What does the page for the QR code look like?

Like this! Example Your character's face will feature at the top of the page with a quote of your choice and their name alongside it. Underneath is a set of icons that will link to various websites of your choosing. I'll have a plethora of options to choose from for social media, art galleries, messaging, gaming, and others! After that is some information about you and your character. You'll get to choose what is displayed here and how it is displayed.

Can anyone get one?

Not currently. I'm offering the first round of badges to a select set of alpha testers. If selected, an invoice will be sent for $30 USD to pay for the art on the badge. Selections for testing will be made based on the character, badge design, and potential exposure.

I'm sold. Where do I sign up?