Patch Notes

Version 0.4

  • Website Updates
    • Changed banner image to use more recent artwork
    • Comic pages will now be automatically viewable on their given release date
    • Added commentary to comic pages
    • Fixed issue with scrolling on comic pages
    • Commission prices and form have been updated
    • Improved speed of commissions page
  • API Updates
    • Optimized database, RSS feed, and logging features
    • Security updates

Version 0.3.3

  • Website Updates
    • Added news banner to home page

Version 0.3.2

  • Website Updates
    • Fixed a bug in which SEO tags would point to the wrong canonical site
    • Added Twitter meta tags
  • API Updates
    • Fixed a bug in which the wrong HTTP response code was used for world images

Version 0.3.1

  • Website Updates
    • Fixed a bug in which the image would not load for the Extras Twitter card
    • Fixed display issues for cards in Comic, Character, and World sections
    • Fixed display issue when loading new comic pages
    • Fixed a console error with the Twitter widget (really this time)
  • API Updates
    • Fixed a bug in which new missing fields for world data would cause an error
    • Fixed a bug in which world section images were not being cached
    • Fixed a bug in which the sitemap would not properly display all pages

Version 0.3

  • Website Updates
    • Updated search engine optimization tools to be more robust
    • Fixed a graphical issue on desktop in which the Twitter feed container would expand on load
    • Fixed a styling issue with speech bubbles
    • Fixed the header so the site name also acts as a link to the home page
    • Fixed a console error with the Twitter widget
    • Security updates

Version 0.2.4

  • Website Updates
    • Added tags for search engine optimization
    • Improved load speed for world section pages
  • API Updates
    • Security updates

Version 0.2.3

  • Website Updates
    • Improved page load speed
    • Improved comic image load speed
    • Fixed issue with white space appearing at the bottom of smaller pages
  • API Updates
    • Fixed issues with caching
    • Security updates

Version 0.2

  • Website Updates
    • Added this patch notes section!
    • Fixed images in the character and world section shifting as they load
    • Fixed issue with minimum height on world bestiary section
    • Changed padding in comic select section
    • Changed image size on character and world bestiary subsections for smaller mobile devices
  • API Updates
    • Added automatic sitemap generation
    • Added image caching for fetching images
    • Added 'size' query option for images:
      • small: 10% original size
      • medium: 25% original size
      • large: 50% original size