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Image of Azalea the Fox

Full name: Azalea Swiftpaw
Other names: Bláthnaid O'Rodagh
Species: Red fox (Vulpes vulpes)
Gender: Female
Lifetime: 967-1023 CE
Height: 3' 7" (1.09 m)
Occupation: Mercenary
Favorite Color: Green
Favorite Food: Mixed vegetables
Likes: gardening, her family, flirting
Dislikes: eating meat, bad pickup lines, cheap employers

Character Traits: Azalea exudes confidence. She has belief in herself that she can accomplish any task set before her. In fact, she will rarely turn down an opportunity because of her self-confidence. Her faith in her abilities is so great that she even joined the Beasts of the Blade in order to take on the gods of Casarok themselves! Perhaps she can be a little overconfident though. Azalea is also a helpless flirt. She likes using her beauty and looks to flirt with men. These actions are mostly a tease though as she will often use them to her advantage and lure others into a false sense of security. It's mostly a game to her in this manner. She is also fiercely loyal to her family and friends. Azalea would drop everything she was doing in order to attemot to help those she loves no matter the cost.

Abilities: Being raised by draicinne, they taught her the powers of nature. She learned the power to control and manipulate plant life under their tutliage. She can force plants to grow, increase their tensile strength, and allow them to adorn new features such as thorns or briars. Any plant can become a strong enough weapon or armor under her control. Her nature magic includes spells such as:

  • Entangling Roots: Azalea can summon roots from a nearby plant source to ensnare a target and keep their body trapped in one spot.
  • Whip of Thorns: Azalea can force a vine to grow thorns and use it as a whip.
  • Bullet Seed: Azalea can fire off seeds with explosive power in a general direction. They often have the power of a small bullet. Multiple seeds are often used at once to create a shotgun-like effect.

Skills: Azalea is a brilliant swordswoman. Using the ironvine bracelets around her wrists, she is even capable of wielding four swords at once. She is also keen when it comes to identifying plants in the wild, a key survival skill.

Story: Azalea's parents fled into Eldwood Forest after her birth for reasons unknown. Her parents never survived the forest; the cause of their deaths is unknown, but any of the many treacherous dangers of the forest there could have caused their demise. Azalea was found by a clan of draicinne within the forest and cared for as one of their own.

Azalea in Full Armor

For her entire childhood, she learned the ways of the draicinne of the forest. This particular clan was strict vegetarians and users of natural magics. They also taught her swordsmanship, so she may be able to defend herself. Azalea was a quick learner. As she grew up, she would even become a guardian of the clan in her teen years. However, her confidence almost got the best of her in some cases as she was almost killed on several occasions among the forest's many dangers. Regardless of what happened, she would always arise triumphant or survive the fight by the skin of her teeth. It toughened her up and taught her the limits of her own abilities.

At the age of 16, she left Eldwood Forest on her own adventure. The world called out to her, and she wanted to see what life was like beyond the dangers of the forest. Before parting with her draicinne family, they gifted her the Ceithre Lanna na Foraoise (the Four Blades of the Forest) to help her defend herself in the outside world. These were four shortswords crafted using magical emeralds and the special forging techniques of the draicinne. Being a survivalist and wielder of potent nature magics, she spent a lot of time on her own initially.

Eventually she lent her skills with the sword to a group of mercenaries. It was with this group that she was first given the Commonized name Azalea Swiftpaw from her original name of Bláthnaid O'Rodagh given to her by her adoptive draicinne parents. There was plenty of work for these mercenaries to do given that she was alive during the Cataclysmic Era. Monsters and brigands roamed fairly freely during this time. Azalea would eventually leave the band of mercenaries and freelance for a while. She liked having all the gold from her various jobs to herself. After a few years of slaying monsters, thieves, and various never-do-wells, Azalea grew bored.

WHen she turned 19, Azalea heard about the Beasts of the Blade. She heard they were aiming to end the War of the Gods and wanted to indulge in the ultimate challenge. She applied directly with Pyrrhe Drake and immediately impressed him. Even with his massive strength, the small vixen fought him to a stalemate. That was when he realized she was somplething special. She joined up with the new band of mercenaries and quickly rose up through the ranks. Eventually, Azalea became Pyrrhe's right-hand woman and second-in-command of the Beasts of the Blade.

Azalea would join Pyrrhe and the others on various quests to slay the gods and goddesses that had aligned themselves with Ragnarok in an attempt to bring about all life on Casarok. Azalea faced many challenges during this time, but she overcame most of them. WHen the Great Cataclysm tore the world asunder, Azalea grew worried about her draicinne family back in the forest and nearly left the Beasts of the Blade to make sure they were safe. Pyrrhe and instead convinced her to stay; the mercenaries were her family now, and they needed her more than ever at that time. Azalea stayed on as a mercenary in the group up until the end of the War. Although she did not accompany Pyrrhe during the final battle, she was pivotal in many of the fights leading up to that point.

After the War Azalea pledged to help the rebuilding of the world. She taught others her farming and gardening techniques and used her magic to help grow food for the shattered population. Her rare skills witht he sword would not be passed down, unfortunately, except to those members of the Beasts of the Blade whom she tutored. She eventually enshrined the Ceithre Lanna na Foraoise so that they may never be used again and retired from the mercenary life to settle down to a more modest life.

Azalea passed away in the year 1023 CE during the Recovery Age at the age of 56.