All who oppose shall fall before me!

Image of Blackfox the Kitsune

Full name: Unknown (goes by Master Blackfox)
Species: Kitsune (Vulpes kitsune)
Gender: Male
Lifetime: 482-898 CE
Height: 3' 9" (1.14 m)
Occupation: Champion of Ragnarok
Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Various rice dishes
Likes: dark magic, power, alcoholic beverages
Dislikes: Mother, strong-willed individuals, the thought of his own mortality

Character Traits: First and foremost, Blackfox is a traitor. He turned on his mother deity and his own people because he could not get what he wanted: immortality. He fears death and avoiding it is of the utmost importance to him. He will say or do anything in his pursuit of the ability he cannot achieve through honest means. Thus, he will manipulate and corrupt anyone to aid him in attaining that goal. He learned to be very sneaky and deceitful as a result. He can fool the strongest of minds and break the strongest of wills. In the end, that can be a stronger weapon than any of his magic spells and skills.

Abilities: Blackfox learned a little kitsune magic in his youngest days; however, early in his life he undertook the dark arts. His black magic is much more powerful than anything he learned on the side of light, space, and spirit under his kitsune guides.

Skills: Blackfox has some skill with the sword. Of course, in his later years he became somewhat frail and would not rely on his sword skills alone. Additionally, he has learned to deceive and break the wills of others with his keen intellect.

Story: Blackfox was born to a normal family in a kitsune village in the late 5th century. As with all kitsune in this time period, he was born with one tail and would have to gain the additional tails and powers through sacred trials. As a teenager, he had three tails and was on track to build up his power over time. Nonetheless, he was nervous; he wanted his nine tails and the immortality that was granted by them quickly. He was afraid death would take him before he could complete his trials. Blackfox attempted to do the third trial before he was ready and got his young friend killed in the process.

Blackfox, Hand of Darkness

Strangely, Blackfox was not devastated by this development. He was more distraught by his failure and the vision of another's mortality than by the passing of his friend. The elders of the village came down hard on his actions and imprisoned him, effectively forbidding him from further pursuing the trials. Needless to say, Blackfox was angered. Nevertheless, there was nothing he could do. He sulked in his first days of imprisonment, his hatred toward the rest of the kitsune growing.

Then, a twist would happen in the story that would end up changing the landscape of the world forever. One night, the god of death, Ragnarok came before him and offered him what he sought. If Blackfox were to become the Champion of Ragnarok, then he would spare him from death. There was little hesitation in Blackfox's response. Ragnarok corrupted the young kitsune, giving him all the powerful dark magic required of a Champion and turning his fur the trademark black and red. The true Blackfox was born. He immediately used his new power to break out of his prison and slaughter his village. This event was the precursor to the Culling of the Kitsune.

Blackfox would use his power to take revenge on the kitsune race as a whole, not only for himself but his new master, Ragnarok. For a long time, Blackfox would scour the land and eliminate kitsune who crossed his path. Even those who were immortal could not stand against him as he knew how to destroy their lanterns, the souls that linked them to the mortal realm. The Culling eventually became so bad that Mother, the matron deity of the kitsune, pulled all remaining kitsune from the world.

Along the way, Blackfox learned the ways of scheming and trickery. He would corrupt and enlist helpers to aid him in his dark quest. One such unfortunate person was the Crusade Age paladin Darius Stronghoof. The paladin fell in love with a young moon priestess from the west. Blackfox seized the opportunity to slay the priestess and steal her soul. Under the guise of a helpful person, Blackfox offered to bring back the fallen priestess for the devastated knight. Willing to do anything for his lost love, he unknowingly enlisted in Blackfox's forces, was corrupted with black fur himself, and became one of the strongest fighters for the dark kitsune.

The soul of the priestess would wind up with the Feudal Age newborn, Foxblade. This kitsune was one he would not destroy but instead intended to enlist him as another dark follower in his army when he came of age. Whether it was his own strong will or the good nature of the priestess, Foxblade would not submit to Blackfox. The two ended up antagonizing each other for a great deal of time during the late Feudal Age.

During the time he fought against Foxblade and his party, Blackfox's schemes would reach an all-time high. Using his own powers and the skills of some of the greatest blacksmithing followers of Ragnarok, Blackfox was instrumental in the creation of the legendary weapon, the Asta Mortis. The weapon was a polearm infused with death magic that would allow a god to kill another god (a feat not normally possible.) Blackfox intended for the spear to be used against Mother in what would have been the final blow against the kitsune race. Nevertheless, Ragnarok took it and slew his brother, Tianlong, witht he weapon. This would eventually lead to the collapse of the Dragon Deity rule and ultimately the beginning of the War of the Gods that would take place during the Cataclysmic Age.

Eventually, Foxblade would slay Blackfox. Normally, this would not end the dark kitsune's reign of terror; however, Ragnarok decided that his time was at an end and that a new Champion should be chosen to replace the aging Blackfox. Thus, he passed away at the hand of his nemesis in the year 898 CE.