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Image of Foxblade the Kitsune

Full name: Noboru "Foxblade" Hayashi
Species: Kitsune (Vulpes kitsune)
Gender: Male
Lifetime: Born in 879 CE, date of death unknown
Height: 3' 10" (1.17 m)
Occupation: Samurai, Mercenary
Favorite Color: Silver
Favorite Food: Sushi
Likes: helping others, herbal remedies, cool attack names
Dislikes: disruptions, being treated like a kid, the forces of evil

Character Traits: Foxblade is eager to help others. He will step out of his own way to aid someone in need. Nevertheless, it is also one of his greatest faults; he is more than willing to drop something important if it means helping another person. It's also how he ends up in a modicum of trouble as well. In his years as a young warrior, he hated being looked down upon for being a novice. Every fight he lost came with an excuse, but it also came with a fiery passion to improve his skills. He was also fascinated with giving his weapons and spells interesting names. As Foxblade aged he grew wiser and calmer. As a veteran samurai, he became more interested in passing down his skills to others. In the end, his motivation to help others still fueled his actions.

Abilities: Foxblade knows some light, space, and spirit magic. As with most kitsunes in the late Pre-Cataclysmic Era, his mana pool and magic powers increased as he passed the Eight Trials and gained more tails. His most commonly used spells include:

  • Fox Fire: A ranged spirit-based spell that hurls an orb of soulfire at an enemy.
  • Lantern Light: A light-based spell that summons a burst of light from the kitsune's "lantern". The spell becomes stronger based on the soul used to create the lantern.
  • Conjure Weapon/Armor: A space-based spells that generates a weapon or piece of armor out of pure mana. The weapon or armor lasts until dispelled, either by the user or an opposing disruptive spell.

Skills: Foxblade has skills with several different weapons, including swords, polearms, and bows. Additionally, he has some knowledge of herbal remedies; however, this skill is fairly limited and is only useful in minor situations such as first aid.

Story: Noboru was born in an age when all kitsunes were no longer living in Casarok due to the Culling of the Kitsune. He was born under four stars, a sign of death that left elder kitsune scratching their heads. His grandfather, one such elder kitsune, suggested that the boy be raised as an ordinary fox in the remote Escanina Islands of Casarok to avoid any ill fate that may befall the rest of the kitsune in Mother's Realm. His parents reluctantly agreed to these terms and left for the islands. Unfortunately, Noboru's parents mysteriously disappeared when they brought him back to Casarok. The other kistune feared they were dead and that this was the warning given by the four stars. In their stead, his grandfather offered to raise him.

Foxblade, Grizzled Veteran

As a child, Noboru was interested in medicine and worked a little under the tutelage of the local doctor. He learned some medical skills and was happy with this chosen path. Nonetheless, his grandfather, knowing his true heritage, wanted him to ascend the path of the warrior. Noboru resented his grandfather for pushing him in this direction. His grandfather was harsh about it, and he eventually began learning more about how to fight and less about medicine. When he came of age, Noboru was sent off to an academy to learn the ways of a warrior. It was during this time he adopted the name Foxblade as his "warrior name".

Upon his return to his home island, Foxblade found the whole place burning to the ground. Everyone and everything on the once peaceful island was dead and destroyed. It all had been done at the hands of one of the lackeys of Blackfox, who at the time was the Champion of Ragnarok. After fighting and defeating the henchman, he was left with a cursed wound. He went back to the mainland to receive medical attention for this wound. At the hospital, he met a young magical student from a local magic academy by the name of Morris Mouskawicz that dispelled the curse. He was studying magical history, particularly that of the once great kitsune of Casarok. Noticing something special about the young warrior, Morris brought Foxblade to an old kitsune shrine. It was at this location that Foxblade attained his favored sword, the Inori Subarashi. This katana was forged by the Inori kitsune family and branded with a rune such that only kitsune could wield it. It was in this manner that Foxblade learned of his true heritage.

In the years that followed, Foxblade and Morris would travel the world to complete the Eight Trials. Foxblade would earn his nine tails and Morris would document the whole trip for his own personal studies. Along the way they assembled a crew that would follow along on their journey for various reasons. In the end, Foxblade would become a true nine-tailed kitsune. Blackfox, after much antagonizing of the young kitsune during his travels, reached out to him at this time and enticed Foxblade with more power. Blackfox offered him a role beside him fighting for Ragnarok as something monumental was about to happen. Foxblade refused and his group escaped the clutches of the dark Champion.

Suddenly, everything had become much different for the young kitsune warrior. His group attempted to thwart the beginning of the War of the Gods. They failed to do so in the end. Regardless, it is said that Foxblade ultimately defeated Blackfox near the start of the war.

Foxblade eventually lent his skills to Pyrrhe Drake and his mercanary group, the Beasts of the Blade. Rather than taking a key role among the band of mercenaries, he instead offered to help train others. Once in a while, he would involve himself in a fight as the War of the Gods raged on and the Great Cataclysm occurred. For the most part, he took a back seat and let the others write the history books instead.

After the War of the Gods ended, Foxblade was instrumental to reintroducing the kitsune to Casarok. Devoid of their divine power, he helped the rest of the kitsune adapt to their lives in the new Casarok.

Foxblade's death is undocumented. It seems that he completely disappeared from the history books as the kitsune repopulated their species in Casarok. As a nine-tailed kitsune, he was immortal. However, it is unknown if that power remained extended to him or if he became mortal again as the rest of the kitsune were.