Image of Katrina the Cait Sith

Full name: Katrina Hathaway
Species: Cait Sith (Felis Caitsidha)
Gender: Female
Age: 34
Height: 3' 4" (1.01 m)
Occupation: Magic Historian/Witch
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Fish
Likes: Black magic, dark clothing, mischief
Dislikes: Water, Preston, witch puns

Character Traits: Katrina can be very mischievous when she feels like it. She will tease or play tricks on others, particularly her friends. The cait sith generally acts chaotic, and never seems to bear any particular allegiance or sentimentality toward any individual. She is more than willing to cast a curse on anyone, friend or foe, if it benefits her or her research in some manner. She especially does not hold back against those who cross her. Katrina can be a bit flirty at times as well; although she claims this is only part of her mischief, she secretly wishes someone would love her. Other than her chaotic nature, she is naturally curious. When she latches onto something that piques her curiosity, she will almost never let go. Her aforementioned research into the history of magic and curses has her setting up many crazy experiments.

Abilities: Katrina has retractable claws on her fingers and toes. Her gloves are specifically designed such that the claws can poke through without harming them. Through her powers of transformation, she can become a feral cat about the size of an ordinary house cat.

Skills: Katrina's strongest skill is her breadth of knowledge of curses. She has a curse for nearly any situation, and they cannot be undone by conventional means. Besides her curses, she can cast a variety of arcane magic spells. However, her use of these spells is relatively limited compared to her curses. Katrina also has strong knowledge of all the old gods, from which she draws inspiration for many of her curses.

Hooded Katrina

Background: Katrina was born into a family that was part of a coven of wiccans. While growing up, she never really listened to authority figures and wasn't very enthusiastic about learning the ways of a wiccan. She was very vocal against their path of pacifism, even going so far as to learn witchcraft behind everyone's backs. When the coven leaders caught wind of her black magic and spellcrafting, that became the final straw that sent her in exile from the coven. Her parents were particularly disappointed in her and, to this day, do not stay on good terms with her.

Katrina wandered for a bit, learning and studying what she could after her exile from her home. She eventually joined a foster home which gave her some stability in her life but nevertheless could not contain her rambunctiousness. She still caused mischief on occasion with her foster parents for which she was often punished. Regardless, they loved her like their own child and even supported her study of witchcraft (as long as she didn't cause trouble with her curses.)

Upon reaching the age of 18, Katrina attended an academy to better hone her skills. Although it was not easy to do, she found a school that did not prohibit the use of dark magic. Instead, they helped her channel her passion for witchcraft into a study of magic history. She flourished while studying at the academy and became a top student. During her time enrolled at the academy she met Preston in the guise of a young wolven student. The two started dating and became a couple. Their romance lasted quite a while; however, they quickly grew apart after a lot of time spent together. She learned about his own lack of sense and pigheadedness that led her to break up with him. Even to this day, Preston still will not let go of these memories and chases after her in hopes of reigniting their once kindling relationship.

Katrina continued to study her witchcraft after graduating from the university with her degree in magic history. Although she never joined a coven of witches herself, she maintains contact with those of her ilk to keep her skills sharpened. Katrina met Chase on a random chance. They passed each other on the street one dark evening, and she pulled him aside upon sensing his own unique magical abilities. They chatted for a while until she decided to hire the fox as a magic "assistant". Basically, she needed someone "durable" who could endure the punishment of her curses. She hopes that one day he will take her original offer and become her familiar. She continues to ask him once in a while, but as it stands he always nervously declines the offer.