Hey, Mr. Chase! Wanna play?

Image of Lily the Rabbit

Full name: Lily Spellmeyer
Species: Eastern Cottontail Rabbit (Sylvilagus floridanus)
Gender: Female
Age: 7
Height: 2' 8" (0.81 m)
Occupation: None
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Chocolate
Likes: dolls, candy, playing with Chase's magic
Dislikes: bedtime, bad-tasting vegetables, ugly things

Character Traits: Lily is your typical little girl. She is sweet and kind to those around her. To most people, she acts like a perfect angel. She is bright and cunning for a person her age as well. Lily can spot opportunities when they arise and take advantage of them. She knows when to pour on the charm and can use it to get her way at times. Her intentions are never malicious though. She always acts with the sort of innocence a young child has and thus, when she makes a mistake, doesn't realize she is doing something wrong. However, because of her intellect and angelic nature, she does act spoiled sometimes. Lily has also learned to turn on the crocodile tears at times when she really wants to get her way.

Abilities: Lily has no innate or acquired abilities.

Skills: Lily has learned how to use Chase's pendant to transform him into whatever form she desires. That is, when she can persuade him to hand it over or snatch it while he's not looking.

Lily Crying

Background: Lily has a fairly normal life for a 7-year-old. She lives in an average home with her mother and father. She is an only child, having no other brothers or sisters. The young bunny attends a local grade school as a second grader. Her grades are above average, and she has a small group of friends with which she likes to play. Due to her accolades and her only child status, her parents spoil her with candy and toys every once in a while.

Lily lives next door to Chase. The two of them tend to meet up with some manner of frequency, particularly in the summer when Lily is out of school. She is marveled by Chase's ability to shapeshift and learned from him quickly how he uses his magic abilities. When the two meet, it tends to cause trouble for Chase. Sometimes, he acts on edge around the small bunny girl. Other times, he will try to avoid her entirely. Nevertheless, Lily usually is able to get her way and the two end up playing together with some sort of transformation involved.

Lily truly has a bright future ahead of her but, for now, she is content with her current life. Who knows who or what she will grow up to be?