I am the GOD of magic!

Image of Preston the Red Wolf

Full name: Preston Daniel Grey Tatum
Other names: Preston D. G. Tatum, The Dark Master of Magic
Species: Red Wolf (Canis rufus)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: 3' 11" (1.19 m)
Occupation: Unknown
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Meat
Likes: slight of hand, cute women, power
Dislikes: misuse of magic, mortals, annoying assistants

Character Traits: Preston is a serious control freak. Everything around him has to be precisely to his liking. Even magic users must follow his guidelines or face his wrath. Unfortunately, his code of honor is extremely strict and based on his twisted notions of magic. Something in his past has warped his mind; although he acts with good intentions from his perspective, his actions seem mad or evil to others. A part of his twisted mind has a strange obsession with magicians. He has trouble separating slight of hand from real magic and often incorporates real magic into his tricks. He is also a bit of a womanizer and a flirt as well, especially when it comes to pretty women. All in all his nature and personality are perhaps a perfect opposite to Chase.

Abilities: Preston truly is a master of the magic arts. He can cast spells from all schools. He has a preference for destructive, transformative, and conjuring spells more than others.

Skills: Preston's knowledge of magic is exceptionally deep. He also has extensive skill with magic tricks and slight of hand.

A Lovestruck Preston

Background: Little is known about Preston's background. Public records don't even have information about the Tatum family. His origin is truly shrouded in mystery. All that is known about his past is that he became obsessed with prestidigitation at some point, whether it was by watching the great magicians of the past in their prime or old videos of their exploits. Either way, he idolized the masters of slight of hand for some reason.

The earliest known contact anyone has made with him was when he enrolled in a magic academy. The magisters there thought he was already a superb talent, so he was accepted almost immediately. However, he spent most of his time scoping out other students and flirting with the women on campus. In fact, he ended up starting a romantic relationship with the young cait sith Katrina after a while. He neglected his studies all the time due to his own motivations. The magisters thought he was wasting his talent, scolded him often, and even placed him on academic probation at times. Nevertheless, he never responded appropriately to any of these actions. When Katrina broke up with him and a magister went mysteriously missing, Preston left the academy and wasn't heard from again for some time.

Preston now owns a mansion and manages to live extremely well. No one knows if he accepted a huge inheritance from his family or if he acquired it all by some darker means. The location is a complete enigma as well since it has no known address and he uses portals to travel around as needed. Regardless, he feels the need to abduct people he believes to be abusing the rules of magic. These people often disappear without a trace, and Preston is never able to be linked back to the crime.

It is unclear to most whether Preston is an old fool who really believes he is the god of magic or if he truly is the Casarokan god of magic, Hazado, who has been corrupted in some way. Only time may tell the answer to that...