Don't worry! I will protect you.

Image of Pyrrhe the Dracamma

Full name: Pyrrhe Drake
Other names: Pyrrhus Drakorus
Species: Dracamma (Draco ignis)
Gender: Male
Lifetime: 784-1106 CE
Height: 4' 2" (1.27 m)
Occupation: Knight, Mercenary, Champion of Tianlong
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Red meat
Likes: warmth, helping others, great swordsmanship
Dislikes: water, rocks (even as a petravore), slackers

Character Traits: Pyrrhe is well-known for his compassion. He cares deeply for others and will go out of his way to protect someone in need of help. He can be helpful to a fault, however, and can put himself in harm's way to go to someone's aid. Pyrrhe has been known to have a trusting nature as well. He puts his faith in those around him, regardless of their capability or willingness to handle a situation. Pyrrhe is also known for his dedication. No matter what cause or craft he adopts, he takes it very seriously. He expects the same kind of resolve from those around him, and thus has a tendency to call out those who slack off on their duties. All in all, Pyrrhe is a noble soul and always does what he thinks is right (even if that requires a little guidance, divine or otherwise.)

Abilities: Like most dracammas, Pyrrhe has the ability to breath fire. He also has command over fire and a selection of fire spells at his command. These include:

  • Fireball: Pyrrhe can throw fireballs at his opponent. This is his primary form of ranged attack.
  • Firebrand: Pyrrhe ignites his weapon. Depending on the intensity of the flames, it can glow hot red or orange.
  • Blaze Wing: Pyrrhe sets his wings on fire. This allows him to fly faster and with improved precision. It's one of his signature moves, named after the goddess of fire and her ability to form wings out of flame.
  • Magma Cannon: Pyrrhe consumes a rock, melts it in body, and fires out the resulting magma in a forceful blast from his mouth. This is his most powerful fire attack, though it is also his least favorite as he hates the taste of rocks.

Skills: Pyrrhe was known as a great swordsman during his time. His skill with a blade has few equals throughout the world. In fact, he has deep knowledge in hand-to-hand combat.

Story: Pyrrhus was born to a family that was part of a warmongering clan of dracammas. At a young age, he was forced to train in the ways of combat. His elders and parents, however, sensed that he did not put his full heart into his training. This was very uncommon for a dracamma. When pushed into combat at the age of 40 -- a young age for a dracamma -- he refused to fight on the grounds that they were the aggressor in the battle. It is said he questioned who this fight was really helping and what was to be gained at the expense of blood and life. This infuriated a lot of other dracammas in the clan. When word of this insubordination reached the clan elder, they made the decision to exile him from the clan.

Pyrrhe using Firebrand

Exile was practically a death sentence for a dracamma. Other Anthros in the world were prejudiced of dracammas during the Feudal Age, seeing them as dangerous threats. Pyrrhus, at a young age, was left to fend for himself in the world with no help whatsoever. He found shelter in caves and hunted for his food; regardless, his combat skills were forced to improve through the necessity of hunting. Eventually, an anthro stumbled upon him in the woods while hunting one day. As Pyrrhus spoke only Dracammarum and the anthro spoke Common, they had to cross the language barrier to acquaint with one another. Soon enough, the anthro offered to take Pyrrhus under his wing and allow him to join his mercenary group. Seeing that Pyrrhus was an exile, he knew the dracamma did not have much choice but to place his trust in him and accept the offer.

Pyrrhus Drakorus, who changed his name to Pyrrhe Drake at the behest of the anthro mercenary leader, spent many years honing his skill with a sword as a mercenary. At first his skills were rough, the other mercenaries did not trust him at all, and he knew little Common at all. With time and deep deovtion to his studies he became a very refined swordsman, a valuable member of the team, and fluent in the Common language. He would raise his concerns at times for the jobs he was put on, but for the most part he was fine with slaying monsters and ne'er-do-wells. With Pyrrhe being part of the group, the squad of mercenaries became very accomplished and known throughout the Central Kingdom. Eventually, word of his fighting ability reached the king himself.

After completing a difficult mission for the king of the Central Kingdoms, he was offered a position among his rank of knights. The other knights rejected this idea; they believed that even though Pyrrhe was refined and spoke their tongue, he was still a savage. The benevolent king dismissed these notions upon seeing the compassion of the dracamma. Pyrrhe left the mercenary group that gave him new life and was knighted by the king. The other knights begrudgingly accepted this.

During an exploratory mission, Pyrrhe alone came across the two-handed broadsword known as Draconis. The Dragon Deity and wise arbiter of the gods, Tianlong came before him at this moment. After some discussion, Tianlong decided to make Pyrrhe his new Champion. He was bestowed with divine power at this point. When he returned with the weapon and told his story, the other knights scoffed at the notion that a dracamma could become the Champion of Tianlong, a position that can only be held by one mortal at a time. It was around this time that Pyrrhe became world-renowned.

Pyrrhe would play a major role in the Cataclysmic Age during the War of the Gods. It was around this time that Pyrrhe dismissed himself from his knightly duties and formed a new mercenary band known as the Beasts of the Blade. He used his renown to bring together the strongest swordsmen and swordswomen throughout the entire world in order to fight off the group of gods that were going to bring about the Endtimes, the end of all life on Casarok. Although he was unable to prevent the Great Cataclysm that shattered the world, he slew several gods including Ragnarok who was the leader of the movement. His actions once again brought peace to the world.

Pyrrhe then started to lead the rebuilding effort in what is now Centralia during the Recovery Age. The people wanted to make him their new king, and he accepted the position. During his time as king, he and the other rebuilding leaders of Centralia formed the first consitutional monarchy in the world.

Pyrrhe passed away in the year 1106 CE during the Recovery Age at the age of 322.