Oy! What does this doovalacky do?

Image of Ruby the Kangaroo

Full name: Ruby Walker
Species: Red kangaroo (Macropus rufus)
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Height: 3' 11" (1.19 m)
Occupation: Archeologist
Favorite Color: Pink
Favorite Food: Caesar Salad
Likes: Adventure, parties, collecting artifacts
Dislikes: Sitting still, women's fashion, meat

Character Traits: Ruby is always on the move. She dislikes having to remain still or be bored. Whether it is something simple like exercising or partying or as complex as a big adventure or dungeon crawl, she is always ready and willing to do something active and interesting. In fact, she is very excitable and will jump at the first opportunity to do something appealing to her. To support her active lifestyle, she has become a bit of a health nut. She is a strict vegetarian and stays up-to-date on all the latest health crazes. Needless to say, Ruby has an outgoing personality but has the tendency to talk endlessly about particular topics when put in a large group. Stories of her adventures can be exciting, but lectures on dusty ruins might put people to sleep. Strangely enough, Ruby has trouble distinguishing sources of magic. She often cannot determine the magical qualities of objects, particularly the artifacts she keeps in her own collection.

Abilities: Ruby is exceptionally strong and athletic for someone her size. Being a kangaroo, she also has great jumping and kicking strength.

Skills: Ruby is an accomplished archeologist. She has a deeper than usual understanding of the lost history of her homeworld as well as the ability to identify and analyze artifacts. She also has a wide breadth of travel experience. Ruby is also skilled in the use of a wide array of tools and weapons.

Adventure-ready Ruby

Background: Ruby was born in Phaerolis, a continent similar in many ways to present day Australia on Earth. Among the Walker family, she is the eldest of three children. While growing up she developed a fascination with the diversity of the ruins and history in her homeland. She strived hard to learn about the history in her corner of the world. Her natural curiosity led her to become quite accomplished throughout her academic career, earning honors in many of her classes. She was also quite the athlete growing up and played many different sports while in school. Eventually, all of her accolades earned her a scholarship to one of the prestigious archeology schools in her home country of Marsupia.

Ruby graduated from the university with her degree in archeology and began travelling the world. In the span of only a few years, she became renowned for her adventures and findings. She would eventually move to the central continent where she had shorter flight times to the rest of the world. Currently, she lives in a fairly modest home; however, she owns a large collection of artifacts stored in her den from adventures past.

Ruby befriended Chase after he applied to assist her on one of her expeditions. She found his shapeshifting abilities extremely useful and continues to call on him for aid even to this day on some of the more challenging or burdening adventures. After a few trips together, they became fast friends. However, she often finds herself helping Chase out of a jam. She can be rather oblivious to transformation-related problems that occur as well due to her confusion about his shapeshifting abilities and lack of magical knowledge.