I've got a brilliant idea! Hehehe.

Image of Wally the Weasel

Full name: Wallace Cognisarian
Species: Least Weasel (Mustela nivalis)
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Height: 7" (0.18 m)
Occupation: Machinist, specializing in robotics
Favorite Color: Red
Favorite Food: Eggs
Likes: Machines, new ideas, himself
Dislikes: His short stature, strenuous physical activity, Malichi

Character Traits: Wally is a very vain person. He thinks about himself above all others. He believes that because he is smarter than most people, he is above them. He is quite intelligent, though, and does tend to come up with many brilliant ideas. When it comes to actually working on those ideas, he would rather deflect the hard work to someone bigger and stronger than he is. In his defense, Wally is rather small in size and can't actually do some of the work himself. He lets his stature get to him from time to time, however. In fact he fiercely defends himself whenever anyone points out his height. Still, he usually wears clothes that are too big for him.

Abilities: Wally's small size and slender body makes it easy for him to fir into tight spots.

Skills: Wally is a highly skilled machinist and has a thorough understanding of robotics and nanites. He has deep knowledge of various machines and can control or operate them as needed. He utilizes many different devices to program and manipulate some of his machines to do his work for him.

Working Wally

Background: Wally was born with the birth defect known as microtism, a disease in which an anthro's size matches that of their species' primordial counterpart. It affects every aspect of their well-being, including their lifespan. Wally was injected with nanites as a newborn that would monitor and maintain his metabolism, body temperature, and various other vital signs to keep him well and healthy. Regardless of the nanites keeping him alive, his small size still made him fragile.

Wally's parents had to be protective of him in his early years. He went to public school when he came of age, and his classmates made fun of him for his small size. He did show remarkable intelligence nonetheless. Due to these facts, his parents made sure to coddle him and boost his ego by telling him how great he was. As he grew up, it only led him to become somewhat full of himself. His arrogance did help him avert the taunting of his classmates.

The weasel lived a full life up until the point he left for college. Due to his brilliance, he was accepted into a great university for advanced mechanics. It was there that he met Malichi. The two shared a similar plight: They both intended to find a cure for their microtism. They worked as test subjects for other students testing new nanites and worked on their own projects together. When the time came to test new nanites that would hopefully cure their microtism, Wally and Malichi fought amongst each other over who would be the first to try them. When they couldn't decidde between the two of them, their adviser instructed Malichi to try them first. Wally was extremely jealous of Malichi. The experiment still went on as planned, though the weasel would watch from afar. The nanites ended up being a huge failure, and the experiment was called off. Wally and Malichi fought even more amongst each other over why the project failed, blaming one another for it. It seemed like from the beginning the project was doomed to create a rift between these two once close friends. They never made up with each other since that time.

Despite the failure, Wally graduated magna cum laude from the university. He would go on to work at a major company at first. Feeling that his talents were wasted at the corporation and hating working for someone else, he ended up starting his own company. He took on a few apprentices and hired some people to help him do the heavy lifting, and his small business boomed in a short time. Although he never was extremely wealthy, his company flourished and made him financially stable.

To this day, he still holds a grudge against Malichi for their failed experiment. Who knows what would happen should the two meet again...