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Terms of Service

Current offer: $5 discount on all Halloween themed commissions from October 1st through 24th!

For details on how to contact me for a commission, please see my Contact page.

Line Art Example

Line Art: $20
A sketched drawing with lines cleaned up or inked. No color or shading. Pupils and dark features are filled black unless otherwise specified.

Flat Color Example

Flat Color: $25
An inked drawing with color added. No shading.

Simple Shaded Example

Simple Shaded: $35
An inked drawing with color and added shading and lighting.

Lineless Example

Lineless: $45
An inked drawing with the lines removed. Soft shading and lighting is applied.

Icon Example

Icon: $10
A bust or simple drawing that can be used as an avatar on various websites. A full size and 100x100 pixel version will be supplied.

Sticker Example

Telegram Stickers: $10 for half-body, $15 for full body
A simplified 512x512 static image that can be imported into Telegram. Comes with white border and drop shadow. No background.

Colored Line Example

Colored Lines: +$5
Line color is changed to match the surrounding elements.

Style Change Example

Style Change: +$15
The image is drawn to mimic a popular style. Preparation and completion time may vary based on the amount of experience I have drawing in that style. Note: I will NOT copy another individual artist's style! Examples of styles I have worked with before include:

  • Classic Disney
  • Animal Crossing
  • MLP

Complex Character Example

Complex Character: +$10
A character that requires extra attention to detail in their design, appearance, clothing, etc.

Complex Background Example

Complex Background: +$10
A background that depicts a scene. Note that single color, gradient, geometric shapes, and other simple designs do not require this option.

Extra Character Example

Extra Characters or Frames: +$10 ink/flat, +$15 shaded, +$20 lineless per character
Additional characters in the image come at a discount based on complexity. If you are looking for a sequence, comic, or reference sheet then consider this option.

Add Chase Example

Add Chase: -$5 discount!
If you want a commission of Chase or need an extra character to stand-in, you will receive a discount! For example, adding Chase as your extra character to a line art commission would cost $5 instead of the full $10.