The History of Casarok

Casarok has a long and storied history. Modern historians have categorized the history of the world into three eras made up of various ages.

The Creation Era represents the earliest existence of the planet and its inhabitants prior to around 10,000 BCE when the first intelligent life was known to exist. During this era the universe, planetary system, and Casarok itself was created by the will of the gods and goddesses. They also placed the primordials throughout the world in this era. Fossils from this time are extremely sought after as they provide the only palpable knowledge of this time period.

The Pre-Cataclysmic Era (about 10,000 BCE - 1,000 CE) is the earliest known time of intelligent life on the planet. All of the native modern races of Casarok appeared on the planet during time in one manner or another. The pantheon of Casarok was particularly active during this time as they all were slain, fell out of favor, or no longer took an active role in the events of the world after the end of this era. The majority of the history of this era is lost; nevertheless, that which is known about this time has been divided into several ages:

With the land of the world split into six continents, the Post-Cataclysmic Era (1000 CE and onward) began. Aside from one incident early in this age, the world was devoid of the influence of the gods and goddesses of Casarok. All advancement was left to the intelligent races of the world. A strict record of history has been kept ever since the end of the War of the Gods. This age of history is divided into several ages: