The Casarok Pantheon

Casarok has a large pantheon of gods and goddesses. They are all beings of pure mana given a physical body. They manifest their own forms, and their choice of physical appearance is based on their personality and ideals of life and balance. Benevolent gods often appear white or shining while those of darker nature favor darker colors and tougher appearances. Each god or goddess has chosen a different physical form to take. These origins make the gods and goddesses essentially immortal due to the fact that they are made up of pure life energy and they can prevent their bodies from ever aging.

Due to being made of pure mana, they have an extensive reserve of magical power. Rather than letting their abilities run rampant, they have each agreed to narrow their focus to a designated realm of magical influence. Each god or goddess is responsible for a different aspect of Casarok or the universe as a whole. If they extend beyond their realm of power, they are punished by the arbiter of the gods. Another reason for their magical designations is their immortality. The gods and goddesses are incapable of destroying each other with their own magical abilities; however, their physical forms come with the flaw that mortal beings can slay them (given that a mortal can overcome their massive magical power.) The rationale for the existence of this flaw has yet to be determined.

The Dragon Deities are the strongest and most highly respected of the gods and goddesses. They have the greatest responsibilities among the entire pantheon and act as the council that overhears the disputes of the other deities (and sometimes even mortals.) There are four dragon deities:

  • Tianlong: The eastern dragon god of the stars and heavens. He oversees light magic, is responsible for the placement of stars in the night sky, and acts as the final arbiter of the gods. Associated elements: Light Space
  • Ragnarok: The western dragon god of death and destruction. He oversees dark magic, is responsible for deciding upon the Endtimes, and acts as the final judge for all whom have passed. Associated elements: Dark Time
  • Galacta: The void dragon goddess of space and the universe. She oversees spatial magic, watches the endless void of space, and protects Casarok from intergalactic threats such as asteroids and radiation. Associated elements: Space Dark
  • Tempatrius: The sand dragon god of time. He oversees temporal magic and monitors the time stream, watching the various outcomes that can occur and arranging them in the most ideal possible manner. Associated elements: Time Light

Various other major and elemental gods have had a large impact on the creation and events of the world.

  • Mother: The kitsune goddess of life and creation. The bringer of life to the world of Casarok. Associated elements: Light Space Spirit
  • Ptahlemy: The roc god of science, technology, and knowledge. He is involved with sharing technology and information with the mortal beings of Casarok. Associated elements: Space Light Lightning
  • Hazado: The tanuki god of magic. He brings magic to the mortals of Casarok and maintains the planet's own life force. Associated elements: All
  • Blaze: The salamander elemental goddess of fire. Associated elements: Fire
  • Jotun: The yeti elemental god of ice and frost. Associated elements: Frost
  • Barbaru: The raiju elemental god of thunder and lightning. Associated elements: Lightning
  • Domathair: The unicorn elemental goddess of nature. Associated elements: Nature
  • Terranis: The behemoth elemental god of earth. Associated elements: Earth
  • Shen Ling: The kirin elemental goddess of spirit. Associated elements: Spirit
  • Sapphiron: The hippocampus elemental god of water. Associated elements: Water
  • Ingal: The kamaitachi elemental goddess of wind. Associated elements: Wind

The remainder of the gods and goddesses play lesser, yet still important, roles in the world.

  • Stratos: The garuda god of the sky, clouds, and cloudlands. Associated elements: Wind Light Frost
  • Hieracine: The sphinx goddess of the desert. Associated elements: Fire Earth Wind
  • Kine: The owlbeast god and protector of the forests. Associated elements: Nature Light Earth
  • Phoenicia: The phoenix goddess of the sun and daytime. Associated elements: Fire Light Nature
  • Mohiga: The werewolf goddess of the moon and nighttime. Associated elements: Dark Light Water
  • Lionheart: The gryphon god of courage, bravery, and valor. Associated elements: Light Spirit Wind
  • Aerisa: The tengu goddess of hearth and home. Associated elements: Wind Earth Light
  • Kentauros: The centaur god of war and hunting. Associated elements: Fire Nature Dark
  • Bastille: The wemic goddess of health and protection. Associated elements: Earth Frost Space
  • Caduceus: The pegasus god of medicine and healing. Associated elements: Light Nature Wind
  • Lyre: The satyr god of music, poerty, storytelling, and the arts. Associated elements: Spirit Wind Water
  • Yamuna: The naga goddess of chaos, fear, and natural disasters. Associated elements: Dark Water Lightning
  • Quetzen: The coatl god of priests and tradesmen. Associated elements: Fire Wind Light
  • Cobalt: The kobold goddess of gems and precious metals. Associated elements: Earth Time Dark
  • Aurea: The cockatrice goddess of sculptures and idols. Associated elements: Earth Frost Space
  • Volper: The jackalope god of luck and fortune. Associated elements: Spirit Lightning Earth
  • Hypnos: The rainbow serpent god of sleep and dreams. Associated elements: Water Spirit Time
  • Aimi: The nekomata goddess of love, beauty, marriage, and fertility. Associated elements: Fire Spirit Time
  • Aster: The minotaur god of masculinity and strength. Associated elements: Earth Lightning Fire
  • Chrystalia: The basilisk goddess of trickery and deceit. Associated elements: Dark Earth Frost
  • Voki: The white stag god of the astral plane. Associated elements: Spirit Light Time
  • Maita: The cait sith goddess of masks, costumes, and transformation. Associated elements: Nature Light Dark
  • Ferni: The cu sith god of the underworld. Associated elements: Fire Spirit Dark