The Races of Casarok

Life on Casarok takes many different forms. The intelligent species are divided into three races while the rest of sentient life has their own set of three classifications.

Image of Ruby the Kangaroo

The Anthros are the most common and diverse race of intelligent creatures in Casarok. They have the highest population and number of species among the three races. All members of this race are anthropomorphic animals. (In Casarok, this word means like an Anthro rather than human-shaped.) Most species that make up this race correspond to a species of animal found on Earth; however, there are some species that are native only to Casarok. Anthros are capable of learning magic, and in extremely exceptional cases they can use divine magic.

Image of Katrina the Cait Sith

The Aspects are the intelligent race of Casarok created to be the avatars of the gods and goddesses. One species exists for each god or goddess and each one is based on an Earth mythological creature. They all possess unique qualities that can be used to discern them from Anthros. For example, avian Aspects have wings on their backs while Anthros have wing-arms. All species are anthropomorphic except for centaurs, wemics, and merfolk. Each species of the Aspect race has magic powers based on their matron or patron deity. They are capable of learning magic, but it is difficult for them to learn abilities that do not align with their matron or patron deity.

Image of Pyrrhe the Dracamma

The Draconic race is the least common and diverse of Casarok's three races. There are only seven total species in this race and only six that exist throughout the majority of Casarok's history. As designated by the name of their race, each species is a form of dragon. All species are anthropomorphic save for two which are quadrupedal. They are born with a strict set of magical abilities, gifted to them by the gods and goddesses of Casarok early in the history of the world. Although they have an innate set of magical abilities, they cannot learn any new spells.

Image of a Pet Tage

Feral is the classification for all non-magical non-intelligent creatures that naturally evolved from the primordial beings of the Creation Era. Many feral species are docile and capable of domestication. Some can be kept as pets. Others are farmed for meat, dairy products, or labor. Several others are hunted for meat, scales, hide, and other resources.

Image of a Humbaba

Monster is the classification for all creatures that evolved from primordials through the planet's magic. Most of them are non-intelligent, but this fact is debatable for some species. They are generally hostile or dangerous and not tamable. They can be hunted for much the same reason as ferals, but this is usually not done outside of necessity or sport. In more modern times, magical wards keep monsters out of populated areas.

Image of an Aimian

Floradon is the classification for all highly evolved plant-based life in Casarok. They are the accidental creations of the gods Tempatrius and Domathair. Some species are magical in nature while others are purely bestial. Some can be domesticated and kept as pets while others are as dangerous as the most dangerous monsters. Those floradons that are not poisonous can be hunted for food.

All alien and unclassified lifeforms are categorized as Xenoids. There are many different subclassifications for this set of creatures.